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Genealogy is a time consuming obsession. Just ask anyone who’s ever started to research their family history. With so many resources available to find information on your ancestors, it can become a bit overwhelming.

With research becoming more and more common, one starts to amass a great deal of information. This site was started in order to share information for those who are in my family tree and those who are doing their own family research. You can find research information in the Resources section of this site. There is expanded information for Dutch, German, Belgian, and Irish research. If you find a resource that is not listed, please share it with me to add to the resources section.

With over 3000+ names and growing, this site will continue to be under development while all information is added. If you don’t find someone today, check back again at a later date. Adding this much data takes time, but if you have relation in this tree, having a single outlet for finding data will become very helpful. The site design is also in the process of being updated to include added features for individual family member profiles. While this update is happening, a great deal of the family member profiles will be unavailable. If you can’t find something on the site, please feel free to contact me.

Have verified new or updated data to add to the records on this site?
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